Velvety Smooth, Extra Large Wooden Circular Knitting Needles Set of 3 Gift for Knitting Lovers

Super smooth, extra thick wooden circular knitting needles set that are a delight to knit with for hours on end! 

THICKNESS: 15 mm, 20 mm & 50 mm 

These velvety smooth, extra large wooden circular knitting needles set of 3 gift for knitting lovers is a wonderful present idea for us knitaholics (yes, I made that term up!).

You have 3 long-lasting needles that are specially fabulous for all knitters with wrist issues and bad hands, as they are really light-weight and silky smooth. The wood has a slight sheen to it and the cords are nicely bendy and flexible, without getting any annoying kinks or twists in them that make storing them a pain.

Plus, they hold all the weight of a super bulky knitting project like a chunky afghan without causing you any discomfort or giving you a backache.

Easy-to-hold extra-long and thick knitting needles for super fast knitting

All you chunky yarn lovers and bulky wool fanatics can rejoice as these jumbo needles can be yours for a very affordable price as you get 3 different sizes for the cost of just one!

US Sizes - 19, 35 and 50

UK Sizes or Metric Conversions - 15 mm, 20 mm and 50 mm respectively

The one thing I truly love about these polished wood needles is that they are perfect for a super fast knitting project.

Sometimes I just don't want to spend ages knitting a blanket and I wish for a speedy result. Or there have been occasions when a birthday or a special day (like Mother's day or an anniversary) has just popped up and I am left scrambling to gather a present or two.

Chunky fiber knitting on giant wooden needles has been a God-send at those frantic moments as I dive in with a scrumptious ball or two of bulky yarn (like this sweet pale green one here) and a size 19 (15 mm) wood circulars to make a beautiful gift for that special person.

Isn't this colorful quick knit bag pretty?

Whether you are a novice knitting enthusiast or an old hand at it, you'll cherish these and find much use for them.

Besides the renowned Mehousa brand to contend with, you can be rest assured that you are getting your money's worth, even if it is at a much lower price than what you'd pay for one pair of premium needles, as there is a 100% money back guarantee that comes with this wooden knit set at Amazon.

So, if you're gifting them to a knitting lover you know, you can always get your moolah back if it isn't to their liking.

You will also get a very handy needle storage travel case that has 15 spacious compartments for all sorts of knitting accessories - love that!

And it's so good for traveling!

Cool Gift Idea - Convert it into a sweet little Knitting Kit!

Here is a fun way to make your gift even more ah-mazing - combine this giant wooden needles set with this super chunky yarn in a luscious oatmeal shade and make it a complete knitting kit!

super bulky yarn oatmeal color for size 50 knitting needles or 50 mm crochet hook

You could even add a little gift tag mentioning that this yarn goes with size 50 knitting needles (to help them out).

And to make your gift basket for knitting lovers even more special, you can put in a printout of a free easy chunky yarn knitting pattern.

Here is a link to a GORGEOUS quick knit chunky throw  - perfect for beginner knitters and/or advanced ones.

Don't you think that snuggly throw is simply perfect for curling up with a book, or just curling up 'coz it's sooooo comfy?

And I know *just* the yarn that will make it so much more prettier!

chunky pink yarn for blanket or throw in sparkly pink color

This lovely sparkly pink yarn paired with the size 19 wooden circular needles from your set of 3 would knit up that throw in no time at all.

That is why I LOVE fast knits! 

And using super thick circulars gets the job done so much faster as the bulk of the weight rests on the cord, while your hands do all the fun stuff.

You can knit back and forth on a circular pair, without joining the ends to knit in the straight - I do it all the time!

In fact, I have personally experienced it that knitting with the same yarn on a set of straight needles is quite a bit more slower than knitting with the same on a circular set of wooden needles.

Chunky Knitting Wooden Circular Needles - Size 50

Easy-to-hold, very-easy-to-use, compact and quite durable - these wooden needles are every knitter's pride. From thick scarves to bulky blankets, you can knit up anything fast and it will look beautiful as chunky yarn always does.

If fast knitting is your thing, then you definitely need these!

If not, then why not?!

Chunky knitting is a whole different ballgame from regular knitting as it usually involves the very basic of stitches, but it always ends up creating something beautiful and special, with minimal fuss.

Check out this smooth-looking set of 3 large wooden circulars right here.