Free Pattern Fridays - 'Golden Compass' Lyra's Hat and Coat Patterns for FREE!

'The Golden Compass' Lyra Belaqua's Red Coat Knitting Pattern - FREE

The moment I saw Lyra Belacqua's coat and the cool knitted beanie she had on, along with the gorgeous fingerless mittens in a scene from the fantasy-themed flick 'The Golden Compass', I fell in love!

Isn't it pretty?
And the beanie looks so warm and snuggly!

This luscious coat was a thing of beauty - so pretty and so comfy-looking.

According to this popular movie's costume designer, Ruth Myers, the scarlet hued coat was actually created utilizing multiple strips of coloured fabric pieces and pieces of twine.

Twine in clothing? Hmmm....a tad weird I say.

Anywho, since I am well-aware of my knitting and crochet prowess levels, and as much as I'd like to claim that I am the unrivalled Queen of all things knitty and hooky, sadly, I'm not. 

So I pulled up Google and searched for "Golden Compass Lyra's coat and hat free patterns" and I came upon this sweet lady's blog who does AMAZING stuff with a pair of needles! (Check out this beautiful summery-looking green cardigan.)

Now she can be a knitty queen any day - and I'm so not exaggerating! Take a look at her recreation of Lyra's red coat and you will fall in love (or go green with envy) like I did.

I think it's even better than the one from the movie!

Check out the complete free pattern with very detailed instructions and more pictures at Ravelry right here.

And to make Lyra's lovely red knitted coat, you can get yourself the complete knitting kit from this website. They offer you three different sizes of kits with enough yarn to knit up a warm coat for yourself, or perhaps as a gift for someone you adore?

'The Golden Compass' Lyra Belaqua's Hat Knitting Pattern - 3 Cool FREE Patterns

Free Lyra Hat Knitting Pattern #1 - Flickr is loaded with images of Lyra hat lookalikes.

I specially adore this little girl in her pink Lyra Belaqua beanie - so cute! The pattern is available as a free download here, so go check it out.

A Plush-Looking Hat Pattern - This lady has knitted up a cool 'The Golden Compass' hat too but she calls it Lyra's Hood (I do not believe it is free at the time of writing this post.) Her hat has a much thicker and bigger curled stockinette stitch edging which looks SO warm that I just had to include it here!

Need some awesome-sauce yarn for a Lyra hat? Say no more and click here for a dazzling variety of colors! 

Free Lyra Hat Knitting Pattern #2For a SUPER Easy free Lyra hat knitting pattern that is totally idiot-proof, check out Sarah's site. Yes, it is the same sassy knitter who has given us the yummy-looking coat pattern. She has a very convenient FREE download available in a PDF format. No sign-in required!

Save it to your gadgets and pull it up when you start knitting.

Free Lyra Hat Knitting Pattern #3 - MY WAY - Sort of!

While searching for free patterns online for this super snuggly hat, I came across a forum post where a fellow knitter talked about making this darlin' Lyra hat. And I too had the exact same idea for making it this way! (How cool am I? *Grinning*)

Here you go:

1. Grab your favorite balls of yarn and your super duper favorite circular knitting needles to make the hat.

This beautiful raspberry yarn combined with these FANTASTIC lightweight circular needles will make an INCREDIBLY soft hat!.

2. Measure the child or adult you're making the hat for from one ear end to another as you will be knitting one big rectangular piece.

3. Cast on the requisite number of stitches based on the head size you just measured.

For instance, for my lil guy, I will cast on 75 stitches on a 16-inch circular cord to get a snug fit. For always getting accurate results for baby hats, check out this link. It has an easy formula for calculating the exact number of stitches necessary to make a proper fitting baby hat AND 3 free easy-peasy knitting patterns for making super cute baby hats!

4. Start knitting in stockinette stitch and continue till the hat is big enough to cover the ears nicely.

The forum post knitter suggested some short rows in the center, along with reverse stockinette stitch decrease to make it more roomy, but I'm good with the simple style here.

Knitting should be easy, effortless and fun wherever possible, but that's just me.

If you prefer short rows and decreases, go right ahead and knit it up!

5. Now for the tie-ups, make i-cords (I love this spool from Boye for creating really soft i-cords, as it's just so much more fun than knitting them, don't ya think?) and stitch them onto the ends.

6. Hook-ers can crochet foundations chains along with one row of single crochet or half double crochet (depending on how thick you want your tie-ups to be) and then stitch them onto both ends of the hat.

Another option is making braids for the tie-ups. This will look really cute on kids.

That's it! You're done!

Pat yourself on the back for a hat well made. :)

Materials You Require for Knitting Your Super Snazzy Lyra Hat:

1. Balls of Gorgeous Yarn

super soft worsted weight yarn in chrome colors for knitting and crocheting sweaters and blankets

2. A Pair of Sexy Smooth Circular Knitting Needles

high grade stainless steel circular knitting needles 16 inch cord size US 8

3. A Super Cute French Knitting Spool