5 CROCHET Mistakes That Ruin Your Yarn Game (And How to FIX Them for Good!)

I simply LOVE crocheting.

It was actually a very rewarding surprise when I discovered how fun and creatively satisfying crochet really is.

You see, I was a knitter through and through. And I used to think knitting holds the keys to all the problems in the world. (At least for me it did.)

But the moment I got the hang of hooking, I realized how much fun I had been missing all this time!

Don't you think there is a certain joy in just grabbing your favourite hook (we all have our favourites, right?) and a delicious ball of yarn and just letting our fingers work their way into something soft, luscious and incredibly beautiful?

But with great crocheting skills comes great responsibility. (I just murdered the Spiderman quote. Sorry!)

Also what comes along are some pretty frustrating crochet mistakes that all of us are guilty of making at one point or another.

But the cool thing is, unlike knitting, crochet mistakes aren't the end-all of everything, as you just have ONE loop to fix with or to unravel; unlike knitting where we tearfully pull apart a million stitches to fix that one mistake twenty rows below.

So, here are 5 of the most annoying or common mistakes that all crocheters make, whether you've just begun hooking, or are a lifelong crocheter.

Crochet Mistake #1 - Skipping Gauge and/or Pattern Reading

These two are my biggest pet peeves in crochet. I find gauge a completely unnecessary nuisance that takes away from the joy of hooking.

And I have very similar thoughts on reading and understanding crochet patterns too.

But regardless of what *I* think, both steps are pertinent to creating something wonderful which looks as well as feels right too.

Imagine crocheting a lovely grey sweater for a two-year-old toddler without checking the gauge first and ending up with a shapeless bag that is two sizes too big for him, or a tight-fitting corset lookalike that makes him wanna cry. 

I exaggerate, but you get my point.
Isn't this just adorable?

Patterns can be a sneaky thing at times as they pretend to be all easy-peasy, but have cool tricks and handy hints hidden between row 7 and row 43 of the baby sweater you're crocheting, or right below paragraph 7 of that black tunic you're hooking up for a special occasion.

You WILL end up missing these game-changing tips if you're like me and skip-read any pattern you come across.

Not a good idea - trust me!

So if you desire for some crochet awesomeness - always read gauge and double read your patterns!

Fix-It Tip - Make gauge my way. It's what I call a 'triple 5 gauge checker' - cool name, right? ;)

All you have to do is make a square that has 5 stitches and is 5 inches tall and 5 inches wide. 

Super easy and takes about a couple minutes to make and check your gauge.

Crochet Mistake #2 - Living Dangerously by using the Yarn and Hook of Your Choice

Cotton Crochet Yarn and Hook Set
Are you using the right yarn and hook combo?

Like I mentioned above, I LOVE crocheting with my favourite hook. It is metallic blue, kind of heavy-ish, super smooth, cool to the touch and a delight to crochet with!

It is also a size 8 or an H hook - which is not a bad thing if I want to use a sort of thickish yarn with it and maybe, make a snuggly scarf or a gorgeous afghan with a lovely variegated yarn like this one.

But imagine hooking up a baby cocoon with this type of yarn and my size 8 hook. (The lovely dark pink 8.0 mm hook in the image below is just like my blue one. I don't know exactly where my hook is from as my hubby gave it to me as a part of a crochet set present a couple months before we got married. Sweet, right?! :))

metal crochet hooks set

The results will be far from what you were hoping to get using the wrong combo of hook and yarn - been there, done that!

Of course, there are some wonderful free crochet patterns that have a do-what-you-like factor where you just close your eyes, and blindly grab a hook and a ball of yarn and start hooking!

But that's a topic for another fun post. ;)

Crochet Mistake #3 - Miscalculating or Miscounting Stitches

This one is a fun crochet mistake to make. 

You happily count the stitches in your new project and after a few rows are done, you observe that they've somehow increased in number (darn those gremlins!) or maybe decreased in them. 

Either way, your work looks wonky and you feel blue.

Or maybe you are like me and you say to yourself, 'Hey, I will count 'em after row 11. Till then, I'm good.'

You're so not!

This mistake typically occurs with projects that have really long rows, like a blanket, an afghan or a scarf crocheted vertically, for more experienced crocheters.

Beginner crochet enthusiasts can have unintentional and unwanted shorter or longer rows in about any project they put their hands to! 

But all is not lost.

Fix-It Tip - You do NOT have to count every single stitch after doing each and every row. This nightmarish scenario can be avoided by using a variety of stitch markers to help you out.

Need some pretty ones? Look here 'coz I love these!

In a cinch, anything could work as a stitch marker - from a piece of a leftover yarn tail to a safety pin or even a paper clip.

But, why wouldn't you buy a few when they look so cute, are super cheap and come in so many bright colors?

Crochet Mistake #4 - The Shiny Pattern Syndrome

Ever since I began knitting, and more recently crocheting, I have been lusting after one pattern or another. 

I actually HOARD them on my hard drive - there are books on every imaginable aspect of hooking (from beginner crochet guides to t-shirt yarn crocheting and more), along with ginormous knitting guides and free patterns of all kinds!

Here's a tiny example:

Need an amazing crochet scarf pattern for men? Check.
Feel like hooking a super easy baby blanket with stripes? Check.
Want a ruffled yarn scarf pattern for beginners? Check.

I could go on and on but you see where I'm heading with this, right?

The shiny pattern syndrome strikes all crocheters (and even knitters) at one point or another. You see a pattern. You fall in love and you buy the most perfect yarn to go with it. You excitedly begin a brand new project.

But three days later, you see another super awesome crochet pattern that just demands to be hooked right away! You save that as well and think of excuses for abandoning the other project.

Happens to the best of us.

Fix-It Tip - Don't give up even for a day! The important thing is to be hooking continuously - even if you do it for 5 minutes at night right before you drop off to sleep. This has helped me finish so many crochet projects that I might never have if I had given in to my new-pattern-lusting urges!

Crochet Mistake #5 - The Emotional Mistake You Make when Crocheting

Crochet is a fun art. It helps you unwind and relax after a long day. It gets rid of messy thoughts and leaves you feeling a bit more content with life in general.

So, overthinking your projects, getting frustrated with common crochet mistakes made by you and trying to be the best crocheter on the planet in one go just wouldn't do.

You might end up hating hooking, or stop seeing it as a super fun, leisure activity that can give you loads of pleasure if you let it.

So, pick up a ball of yarn that YOU love, grab a crochet hook that makes you smile and simply crochet to your heart's content!

There is NO other way of doing it. 

Perfection can come later....or maybe not at all.

WHO cares?! 

For me, good enough is good enough.