Unique Natural Canvas Funny CROCHET Quote Bag Gift for Crocheters

Unique Natural Canvas Funny Crochet Quote Bag Gift for Crocheters

As a yarn lover, I simply adore this witty, unique natural canvas funny crochet quote bag gift for crocheters.

With a gorgeous design and pretty purple shades of the tongue-in-cheek crochet quote, the heavy fabric bag is perfect for any sort of shopping or leisure trip - be it a bundle of books you need to carry to your local library, or if you need an interesting looking beach bag for a sunny day at the shore - it will do the job nicely.

Whether you're thinking of a Christmas present or a fun Mother's Day gift, or as a surprise for the birthday of a crochet lover, or maybe you'd just like to make your crochet-addict friend feel special, then this would be an ideal gift, wouldn't it?

Especially if they have a quirky sense of humor.

 I can just imagine the conversations this cheeky quote would inspire among fellow crocheters!

 Amazon has a lovely collection of these super stylish cloth tote bags with funny knitting and crochet quotes printed beautifully on them.

You can check out a few lovely cloth totes right here.