Hot Pink Eco-Friendly BAMBOO Knitting Needles Set Gift for Knitters

Pretty Pink Bamboo Knitting Needles Gift Set for Anyone who Loves to Knit

I will bet my favorite ball of yarn that these smooth-as-silk, hot pink eco-friendly bamboo knitting needles set gift for knitters will be an instant hit with knitting lovers everywhere!

What's not to love - you have 7 needle sizes to cater to all sorts of yummy looking yarn, the super reliable and non-slippery Clover Takumi brand of bamboo which is lightweight and portable so you can carry your work anywhere (I love taking my knitting with me wherever I go; who wants to suffer through the utterly dull commute daily - not me!), and a hot pink case that has plenty of extra pockets to add in whatever your heart desires.

Don't get me wrong - I do  enjoy working with my metal and aluminium needles too, but I find that bamboo holds really well for those difficult types of yarn - think ruffled scarves and frilly yarns. They give you some traction while you work the fussy yarn and are not as slippery as metal that your knitting just falls off!

I remember fighting a battle with my very first pair of straight metal needles.

My knits and purls were so tight they looked strangled!

I nearly poked myself in the eye trying to pass the yarn over and making stitches that look reasonably fair.

The important thing is that I did survive the ordeal - barely.

Wish someone had gifted me a set of sustainable bamboo points then; I would have named my firstborn after them. (Maybe.)

Though this case of 7 straight ones is perfect and very reasonably priced too (click here), if you want to see more variety of needle gift sets, then check them out right here.